Writing a Company Boilerplate

Writing a Company Boilerplate

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How to write the most important words about your company

A boilerplate is the standard description of a company and a key building block to establishing brand identity. How can one paragraph–and it should only be about one paragraph–hold so much weight? Because apart from a company’s “about” page, the boilerplate can be found on press releases, brochures, white papers, and all other company literature. Now that’s a big deal.

Many people are going to be reading your boilerplate, from the journalists trying to write about your company to potential clients or partners scouting you out. All of these onlookers have one basic goal: to understand your company.

To write a company boilerplate you want to clearly and concisely articulate who you are, what you do and what you want the reader to do about it. Facts like where the company is located, when it was started, how big it is and ideal clients are important. Compelling information that positions you in the market should also be included. Make sure to avoid industry jargon that only subject-matter experts like yourself can understand: A boilerplate should be clear to all audiences.

Positioning can help you stand out from your competitors, but what it really does is contribute to your brand identity. Your company boilerplate is a great opportunity to influence what others say about you since journalists rely on it when reporting. Do you want to be known for being the largest, first, or best in the industry? Do you want people to reference your corporate social responsibility? This is your chance to put something on your website and within your marketing materials that has the power to position your company and its brand exactly how you imagine.

A boilerplate also serves your company internally because employees can refer to it to gauge the company’s tone. Having a consistent tone throughout all documents makes the company look more cohesive and allows an audience to become familiar with you. Reviewing the boilerplate regularly can serve as a reminder of what’s important or help establish talking points.

Writing a boilerplate is also a useful exercise in learning how to talk about your company. It forces you to think about the bigger picture and pinpoint exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. Ask yourself how you want to be positioned, what you’re most proud of, what you want to be known for and then begin writing.

These are big questions and distilling all the details into a tidy five-sentence paragraph might be daunting, but we’re here to help. Let’s YAK and we’ll work together to craft a boilerplate for your company that informs and gets people talking about your company the way you intended.

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