The Power of White Papers

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3 reasons to create downloadable premium content

The full-suite of digital marketing is made up of many nuances, processes, and parts. First, you have your social media accounts which draw people in, then you have your blog that brings the traffic from search engines and builds relationships with your audience while they keep coming back for more. But, how do we bridge the gap between developing a relationship with a potential customer and closing the sale?

Enter: white papers.

White papers have the power to build trust, educate and inform your audience. They position your brand in a way that says “work with us” without being totally salesly. There are so many benefits that white papers have to offer, and we’ve put together the top 3 reasons you should be implementing this downloadable premium content into your digital marketing strategy.

  1. White papers position you as an expert. Whether white papers take shape as how-to guides, advisory reports for decision-makers, data analysis to prove effectiveness, practical advice, or resource guides, the authoring company has now established itself as an expert in their field. White papers are full of premium content, which means the content has been researched, vetted and presented in a way that adds value to the reader. The benefit is that it shows you are an industry expert, and a great person with whom to do business.
  2. You are providing relevant information when they need it. Since white papers often take shape as downloadable content, you are providing information to interested parties when they need it and choose to download it. Because your audience makes the choice to download your content, you know that it is always relevant to the reader. Your white paper can help followers make decisions, navigate a situation, learn how to use your product or service, research and compare goods and services, or assist interested parties looking to enter the industry.
  3. If you’re doing it right, you can pick up warm leads for your sales funnel. The downloadable nature of white papers presents an opportunity to capture warm leads. Using your white papers as an “opt-in” freebie allows you to collect audience information and email addresses. After all, how will you get the download to your reader without their email? Forget cold calling, premium downloadable content can help you grow your email list, and introduce warm leads into your pipeline.

White papers provide considerable value for both your company and your readership. By providing your audience with the information that they are looking for, in exchange you receive a warm lead and loyal follower, especially if the quality of the white paper is top of the line. Interested to begin implementing white papers into your digital marketing strategy? Contact us to find out how we can help your business integrate white papers as part of your digital marketing strategy.

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