How to Say “No” and Niche Down

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Define your target, be specific, and say no to everyone else

It pays to know and serve a very niche group of individuals. We have previously discussed the importance of defining your target audience in your writing, but what about for your business? Throughout your entrepreneurship journey you will constantly be presented with opportunities to branch out and serve a new population or do business on a new platform and in a new way. Today, we’re going to explain why saying “no” to most opportunities can save you and your business time and money and ultimately lead to success.

What does it mean to Niche Down?

Finding your niche means really focusing on a small but specific, well-defined segment of the population. Your niche is the one type of customer or client you want to serve. In marketing to a niche you will figure out your target audience’s greatest problems and provide them with solutions. This means only serving the one person and sticking to the platforms that they use and trust.

How do you target a specific customer?

Targeting a specific customer or niche takes practice and discipline. The best way to do it is to envision one particular person to educate, serve, and provide solutions for. Do research on this person, their behaviors, habits, likes, and dislikes, and learn everything you can about your niche customer. Figure out where they prefer to get their news and information, what platforms they visit most throughout the day, and what TV shows or movies they watch. Target your customer by hanging out where they do, online and in person. Once you learn what attracts them and evokes their curiosity, you’ll be able to focus on providing them a solution that happens to be conveniently where they are looking.

How do you grow and scale within your niche?

Most business owners fail to niche down because they are afraid to alienate everyone else who might utilize their product or service. In fact, we’ve found that having a specific person in mind for your marketing purposes helps you reach the masses more effectively. Growing and scaling within your niche may feel counterintuitive, but it’s important to stay hyper-specific to who you want to serve and not get distracted by the new and exciting opportunities that are entirely offbrand and out of your expertise. Growth will come as long as you stay dedicated to a target audience.

When you’re faced with new opportunities, try to understand how this will fit into your niche. If it doesn’t directly speak to and serve your target audience, it’s okay to say “no,” even if it feels like a million-dollar idea. At Yakkety Yak, we’re always providing our audience with helpful guides and posts on how to define your target audience. For more information, send us a note at

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